Old Flames

“…the effectiveness can be laid to the joint credit of Burke’s easy way with dialogue, and the talents of a very accomplished cast…overall this is a very entertaining, unchallenging piece of comedy.” – Emer O’ Kelly, The Sunday Independent, full review here.
“Burke has an innate talent for writing funny, sharp and ultimately believable dialogue…McDonagh is the true star of the show, his performance is faultless, consistent and highly amusing.” – Ciara Murphy, The Public Reviews, full review here.
“Old Flames is fun and well-written. Go see it.” – Dave Madden,, full review here.

Forget Me Not

“Shane Burke’s play succeeds in bringing back to vivid life a forgotten but important poet whose work offers a unique insight into the reality of war in general, and the second world war in particular…thoroughly recommend Forget Me Not.”- Carmel Shortall, Camden Voyeur, full review here.

****”Every now and again, a play comes along which surprises me and inspires me to do a little research afterwards. Forget Me Not by Shane Burke is one of these.” – Joe Crystal, remotegoat,  full review here.

****”Forget Me Not succeeds in portraying aspects of Douglas’ legacy through an educated portrayal of his character. Placed in a conflicting environment which is complemented by Forbes’ powerful portrayal of Betty- the many aspects of a fascinating character are brought to life through a memorable interaction that made, but could have broke, one of the wartime greats. Highly recommended.” – Jack Peat, Editor, The London Economic, full review here.

The Horse Trading Diaries

****”The Horse Trading Diaries is a non-taxing political farce with a healthy dollop of humour laid on throughout… as engaging as it is endearing.” Lauren O’Toole,, full review here.

****” If you’re looking for quality and wit in a play you’ll be well rewarded by Run Amok’s latest work.” Dave Madden,, full review here.

“Promising second play…well paced plot.”  Eithne Shortall, The Sunday Times, full review here.

“…well-spun cops and robbers tale that at times, merges with the type of dark, sarcastic humour that is evidently inspired by Fr. Ted.” Kate O’Connor, Quality Waffle, full review here.


“…an incredibly well-written and enjoyable play. Flipside is lots of fun, and I’d happily recommend it both to theatre-fans and those who go to the theatre less often.” Dave Madden,, full review here.


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