Forget Me Not (Bête Noire productions)

Forget Me Not, Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, London July 2013

Forget Me Not (2013)

Forget Me Not (2013)

Forget Me Not is an unsentimental look at the life of a poet as he grapples with the big questions of love, life and mortality.

It is December 1943 and poet Keith Douglas is back in England having fought as a tank commander in North Africa. Aged 23, Douglas is one of England’s most talented and promising poets, attracting the praise of T.S. Eliott among others. Nevertheless he is largely unknown and convinced that he will be killed before the war ends. With this in mind he aggressively pursues a publishing house that has signalled an interest in his work. Here he meets a sophisticated and troubled young woman who challenges him to take a hard look at his life and writing.



Written by Shane Burke

Directed by Sasha Roberts

Annabella Forbes
Tom Worsley