Flipside, The Pearse Centre, Dublin, April 2011

A house-swap between friends brings Sicily to Dublin and Dublin to Sicily. Flipside places the audience in the unique position of watching two storylines unfold at the same time.

In Sicily, the sun is blazing and the lemoncella is flowing. Conan and Katie are keen to explore the land of Dionysius and Don Corleone. But soon they will be hanging out with mummies and nosey neighbours, while trying desperately to realise why they ever got together in the first place.

Meanwhile in Dublin, the summer skies are full of rain and Sinéad and Evan realise that the life they left behind is waiting for them. Sinéad’s old fiancé is on the scene, her parents think she’s a traitor and Evan is acting like a second generation yank in search of his roots.

Flipside is a bittersweet, contemporary play which shows that love and war are often inseparable.

Photo by David Prior

Flipside 2011

Written by Shane Burke

Directed by Andrew Deering


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